Baking Finds

Now that the heat wave has broken, I’ve been thinking about stepping foot back in the kitchen, but needed some inspiration. I found a couple treats that sound like a good cooking project!

First: Edible cookie dough!

Why didn’t I come across this blog post three months ago in the middle of my cookie-dough-craving pregnancy?

Willow Bird Baking has recipes for three edible non-egg cookie dough recipes. Yes please! I’m not sure if you can actually bake them, I think it’s specifically for eating. Or mixing with ice cream. mmmm.

Image Source

Then, a fellow Tweeter, @HappySorceress, and food blogger, recently tweeted about a Blueberry Breakfast Cake she made for her son’s first day of school. The pictures looked divine, and she shared the recipe with me. Can’t wait to try it!

Image Source

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